Emma - Ballerina


Tonight I went to the hospital for a horrible migraine. I was very sick and dehydrated and I was so dizzy I fell on my stairs. I was a mess.

Sitting at the hospital, I was placed in a room sectioned off by curtains. You can hear everything anybody next to you says. Well, there is a 17 year old in the section next to me telling the doctor about her head hurting and was saying she's had headaches for a while. The doctor has her list her medications and she tells him and also says she's on the depo shot. Immediately the doctor tells her "what are you doing on the shot, you're 17!" then continues to preach about her having no business being on the shot. He asked her if the side effects of the shot were worth it. He even went so far as to say "ask yourself this: would your boyfriend inject that into himself? No. Then why should you." Meanwhile, she is telling him that she doesn't want any babies and he is still going on about how she can prevent babies without taking birth control.

Seriously. I have never heard of a doctor would try to steer a person away from birth control. It is nice to know there are teenagers out there who are not looking to be cast on 16&pregnant.

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